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⚡️She started dancing to that fine fine music/ her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll!⚡️#therunaways #myself

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#myself #therunaways



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he’s such a doofus

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Alice Cooper talks about some of his favorite songs; including My Chemical Romance’s ‘Teenagers’.

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buried deep within there’s a human

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hi this is the anon that asked about the concert and I was also wondering how much a shirt would cost. and your other tips were really helpful thanks❤️

Oh no problem! A shirt can cost anything between 20-50 dollars or more at a concert. It totally depends on which band it is and who is selling it to you. It also depends a lot on how the shirt looks like. For example, last year i bought a baseball tee with green day on it and it cost me about 35-40 dollars. And that’s a lot in swedish money for a t-shirt. So it totally depends. My tip is to bring even more money than you expect it to cost, because you’ll never know what the price will be. Glad i could help ❤️

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